A function added by the Fallout Script Extender.


Jump to ("go to") a labeled position in the script previously defined by a call to Label. Execution will return to the label, simulating a loop. Be careful to provide an exit condition to avoid creating infinite loops.


Goto labelID:int{0-255}


int GetNextActor
set GetNextActor to 1
Label GetNextActor
; Do something
if SomeCondition
   GoTo GetNextActor


  • There are 256 available slots for Labels, enabling IDs from 0 to 255 inclusively. Values outside of this range will not work.
  • If using NVSE since version 4, Label/Goto should be replaced by While or Foreach in all but exceptional cases, as these are more powerful, readable and reliable. Use of Label/Goto for creating loops should be considered outdated and bad form.

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