GetButtonPressed is used to determine which button has been selected after a message box has been displayed using ShowMessage.




set buttonVar to GetButtonPressed 

The first time this is called after a ShowMessage button has been pressed, it returns the index of the button that was pressed, starting at zero. At all other times it returns -1.


Begin OnActivate
	showmessage ExampleMessage
	set awaitingInput to 1

begin gamemode
	if awaitingInput == 1
		set buttonVar to getbuttonpressed

		if buttonVar > -1
			set awaitingInput to 0

			if buttonVar == 0
				; choice 1
			elseif buttonVar == 1
				; choice 2
			elseif buttonVar == 2
				; choice 3


  • This will only react to a ShowMessage call from within the same script.
  • The button indices are shown in the GECK when editing the message object and remain the same even if certain buttons are hidden with conditions. So, if a Message has 3 buttons, GetButtonPressed will return 2 when the last one is pressed even if that is the only button actually being displayed.
  • As demonstrated in the example above, always store the return value of GetButtonPressed in a variable, then check the variable instead of calling GetButtonPressed directly in an "if" statement. Attempting to call GetButtonPressed in successive "if" conditions will cause your menu to fail silently for all options except the first—the first "if" statement calls GetButtonPressed and gets the value of the button pressed, clearing the stored information. GetButtonPressed will then return -1 for each of the remaining "if" statements.

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