A function included in the GECK version


Duplicates all items into the target container. Any scripted item will be duplicated almost identically:

  • Any script variables will be set to 0 on the duplicate
  • The duplicate will have a new FormID, meaning if (Original == New) will never be true
    • More importantly, meaning if any script referenced the original the duplicate will not work. For instance if (player.GetItemCount ArmorLeather) will never be true if the player has the duplicate.


[ActorRefID|ContainerRefID].DuplicateAllItems TargetContainerRefID:ref


DuplicateAllItems DanielLittlehornREF


  • The Fallout 3 implementation of this command suffers from a bug. The game generates a new base object for each scripted item in the inventory to be copied. However, the new base objects are not saved in the savegame, so when the user reloads that game the duplicated items will have vanished from the inventory of the object on which this command was called. In other words, any scripted items copied using DuplicateAllItems will vanish on reload.
  • The default game does not make use of this function; likely because of the above bug
  • As an alternative you can use the RemoveAllItems command

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